Knowledge enriches what you see

The tourism slogan of Nagasaki City is
"Crossroad of Culture in Everyday Life."

Japanese temples are built in Chinese style,
kites from Indonesia brought on Dutch
ships fly in the sky.

Knowing the reasons why Nagasaki has the world on
its doorstep will bring alive the scenes and experiences
you have during your journey here,
making for a more impressive experience.

"Knowledge enriches what you see"
This is a style of travel where you will meet with local people
and join their communities while learning about
the culture and history of Nagasaki.

It is a way of referring to sustainable tourism
that allows visitors, businesses, and local residents
to think together about sustainability.

Giving visitors to Nagasaki fresh discoveries and insights

Creating momentum to maintain
local culture and history.

In this style of travel,
"knowledge enriches what you see"


Expert guides tell you about the cultural background
for your entire journey

For Nagasaki Sustainable Tourism where "knowledge enriches what you see,
" guides stay with you for essentially the entire trip.
What is so significant about this particular place for it to be so carefully maintained?
What created these cultural practices and customs?
Understanding the historical background will greatly enhance how you view
and experience the places you see during your journey and leave you with longer-lasting memories.
You will truly feel so glad to have visited Nagasaki.

Tour guide

Miyuki Ogawa, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter

A professionally licensed guide from Nagasaki.
"Nagasaki is not only influenced by other countries' cultures but also fuses them together,
so that visitors can find all sorts of answers here.
" Ms. Ogawa can share her in-depth knowledge of Nagasaki in an easily understandable way in English so fluent one would never guess she learned it through self-study.


Join communities and meet people

One enjoyable aspect of this journey is the chance to meet local people.
The concept of "knowledge enriches what you see"
allows you to experience past or present ways of life together
with people you meet on your journey while communicating with them.


Give back to the local region to
protect culture and customs

To truly deserve the name of sustainable tourism,
this program must ensure sustainability.
Understanding "knowledge enriches what you see" shines the light on areas previously not considered as sightseeing spots.
By adding them to our course,
we help to support the lives of local people.